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A Word About RABBIT1251, LLC

We are all pet owners here at RABBIT1251, LLC founded by Christine, whom brings over 30 years of professional experience caring for horses, farm animals, and household pets to our company.  Safety comes first.  We are a customer friendly, fun loving, safety, and health care oriented company.

Each of our staff has a deep love and understanding for the sacred harmony between animals and their caretakers.  We take our work seriously and will provide the quality care you expect and should demand from your pet's caretaker.

We bring extensive experience with both domestic and farm animals for both fun and competition, as well as, day-to-day care, exercise, grooming, and training.  Our sitters at RABBIT1251, LLC are certified by the National Professional Pet Sitters Association.  This certification includes a 16 week course covering all topics related to the care, behavior, first aid, and grooming of dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, and exotics.  As well as, topics related to running a pet sitting business.  Our groomers are certified by Animal Behavior College with breed specific knowledge in both dog grooming and cat grooming.

We offer a free Meet & Greet to every client looking for quality care for their pets.  This face to face  Meet & Greet includes information on pricing and services, contract negotiation, veterinary care agreement, and any special instructions or concerns an owner may have.


"Health care conscious and takes great care of both my pets."

             -Amy Fields

What to Expect

"We love our pet sitter at RABBIT1251.  She takes care of everything we need and leaves nothing out of the service."

               -Pat McMurphy

"Excellent with animals and has great Service."

             -Evelyn Kenealy


Meet & Greet

An informed visit for us to meet you and your pet.


Genuine concern.

Every one of us is a pet-owner. We will treat your pet like it was our own.


Quality Care

Our staff will provide the expert care your family deserves.

I recently left my dog for the first time, she is past 8. since she was 6 weeks old, we have been together always. My dog is my support animal, but, this trip I had to trade her for my son. Parting was probably more difficult for me then her. I interviewed a number of people listed on Rover and after thinking it through I made my choice. It was the correct one. Christine took excellent care of my dog and me. She texted and kept me informed throughout my three days of separation. She even provided me with a picture of my girl napping in her new spot. The home was lovely and so were the people in it. A big thank you to Christine and her Mom for caring for my precious girl.

                            -Roslyn Silverman